Archbishop of Uvalde becomes gun control advocate ‘to promote life’

  • After the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Archbishop García-Siller began giving sermons on gun control.
  • He argued that reforming gun laws is no different from the Catholic Church’s position on abortion.
  • “I believe with all my heart that gun control needs to happen more radically,” he said. told MSNBC.

Following the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which left 21 dead and 17 injuredArchbishop García-Siller of San Antonio began giving sermons, conducting interviews, and organizing events centered on gun control.

“You can’t reconcile guns with life,” said García-Siller, who presided over the funerals of Uvalde’s victims and offered spiritual guidance to the shooter’s mother. told the New York Times.

Known for his progressive stance on social issues like immigration, the archbishop’s voice joined a growing number religious leaders who have raised concerns about gun violence nationwide.

García-Siller, who leads the Archdiocese of San Antonio, argued that demanding gun law reform is similar to the Catholic Church‘s opposition to the death penalty or abortion : intended to preserve the sanctity of life. Although his perspective is based on his Catholic faith, he said his mission is to inspire compassion and, ultimately, change.

“We must!” García-Siller told a group of reporters shortly after the shooting, The New York Times reported. “We’re supposed to promote life, people’s lives.”

The Archbishop believes the nation must reform existing gun laws, limit access to weapons designed to maximize carnage and combat a growing culture of violence to minimize rise in gun violence Across the country.

“We have made firearms an idol in this country”, García-Siller told MSNBC. “I believe with all my heart that gun control needs to happen more radically.”


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