Billings Catholic Schools seeks to replace retired president


The Billings Catholic School System called a special meeting Friday to discuss hiring a new president.

This happened after some teachers worried about a lack of leadership.

But the diocese says there was no break in leadership and a president was in place to lead the way until the end of January.

In a letter, 21 teachers said they wanted answers or an explanation of the plan.

Great Falls-Billings Diocese Schools Superintendent Angel Turoski said the board spoke about the transition at the meeting.

As this is a private school system, the meeting was not open to the general public or the media.

The superintendent said Shaun Harrington had been president for six and a half years and retired on January 31.

And a search last year did not result in the hiring of a replacement.

“Billings Catholic schools have an incredible tradition of excellence,” said Levi Osborne, a teacher at Billings Central Catholic High School. “And as teachers, we’re very protective of that.”

Osborne teaches business and technology and said the letter was about Central’s director’s support for the position and that there is currently no one in the position.

“I think it’s a bit of both,” Osborne said. “The letter the teachers signed is primarily in support of (Principal) Shel Hanser, who says we truly believe in this person and that he has been an important part of our community here at Billings Central. The teachers also sent individual letters, who are more concerned with the process that has passed.”

After this story was originally reported, some teachers contacted MTN News to say they disagreed with Osborne.

Turoski said she couldn’t discuss applicants and the position had been open for less than two weeks.

Osborne talked about what he wanted to tell the council.

“My message to the board is that I would like them to fulfill their duty to appoint a qualified president who comes from Catholic schools, Osborne said. “And that can lead us into a whole new era of excellence within Billings Catholic schools.”

Turoski says a transition is in place and an agency is handling the hiring of the president.


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