Carencro Catholic School postpones reopening due to COVID-19



CARENCRO, Louisiana (KLFY) – The Carencro Catholic School has postponed its reopening after the holidays until next week due to COVID-19.

According to the school on its website, the postponement of returning after the holidays is due to the percentage of absent employees, the current increase in positive cases in the region, the lack of rapid tests and the number of positive student cases.

Diocese of Lafayette (DOL) communications director Blue Rolfes said in the case of the Carencro Catholic School, a number of people have tested positive for COVID.

“The principal herself had COVID, a lot of students, and more importantly, not to decrease compared to anyone with COVID, but a lot of professors have contracted COVID,” Rolfes said.

To make matters more difficult, there are not enough substitutes available to even open the school to students not affected by COVID.

The Carencro Catholic School was due to return on Wednesday January 5, but the decision was made to delay the reopening of the school on Monday January 10.

“Our superintendent Anna Larriviere thought about it and said it right, which is two more days in terms of child safety,” said Rolfes.

There are 32 schools in the eight civil parishes of the Diocese of Lafayette.

Rolfes says they will continue to monitor each individual school as well as the number of cases for the area where the schools are located.

“The Omicron variant, seeing how so much more prevalent it is in children, it kind of made things a little different for us. We are even more careful to make sure that we do not put any of our children at risk, ”Rolfes added.

Rolfes says the DOL hopes the vaccine will be available to children that parents will take advantage of.

Rolfes adds that they understand that vaccination is a personal family decision.

In the meantime, Rolfes says the Diocese of Lafayette will remain ready to do its part.

“Do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of students, adult teachers and staff. Either way, ”Rolfes said.



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