Central National Signing Day 2022


The wait is over and now is the time for Georgia to secure a new wave of talent in Athens, Georgia. It’s the start of the fifth annual early signing period and the Bulldogs once again have one of the best classes in the country in the pipeline. Despite some struggles over the summer, Georgia currently sit first in the 247Sports Composite team standings with 27 total entries.

Starting today, the Bulldogs will have a chance to both strengthen that number and officially add new blood to their roster. UGA has a top four recruiting class streak stretching back to 2017. This class was Smart’s first full recruiting round in Georgia and the Bulldogs finished No.3. Since then, the Bulldogs have completed their recruiting at No.1 in 2018, N ° 2 in 2019, N ° 1 again in 2020, and N ° 4 in the last cycle.

As always, Dawgs247 has you covered all day long. We will have live updates in the space below. We will be following who signed up and who chose the Bulldogs. We’ll also be tracking where UGA stands in the 247Sports Composite Team Rankings.

The day is going to be busy and history has taught us that surprises are likely. Whether you are following to see who joins the engagement list today or to see which of the 20 current pledges, a timeline of how everything is supposed to go can be found. HERE. There is also a 247Sports National signing day show is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. ET.

Live Updates …

– 12:45 p.m .: Two IMG Academy prospects signed with Georgia as five-star cornerback Daylen Everette and four-star offensive lineman Aliou Bah make it official. Georgia continues to use the plant’s preparation program as a pipeline to Athens.

– 12:34 p.m .: Houston Clear Lake Top 100 cornerback Julien humphrey is Signatory # 19 for Georgia. The former Florida engagement has turned down the late launch of the Gators’ new staff and will give the Dawgs one of the most athletic defensive backs in the country.

– 12:21 p.m .: Houston Kincaid Wide Receiver Dillon bell announces he will sign with Georgia on February 2, 2022. Bell informed Dawgs247 earlier this week that this was the plan all along.

– 9:57 am: Appling County Edge Creek (Baxley, GA) Darris smith announces that he will sign with Georgia on February 2, 2022. This is the date of the traditional signing day of the NCAA. Smith says he will do so in order to put pen to paper with his Appling County teammates.

– 9:34 am: Morning signatories keep flowing for UGA and this time it’s four-star broad De’Nylon Morrissette. The North Cobb product has been a voice recruiter for the Bulldogs in the 2022 class and is the 18th signatory overall and third in wide receiver.

– 9:29 am: UGA heritage Draw Bobo signed with the Bulldogs. He is the son of the former UGA quarterback and assistant coach Mike Bobo. Draw Bobo was formerly engaged at Auburn but switched in the days leading up to day one of the early signing period. The three-star offensive tackle is the 17th signing announced by UGA.

– 9:24 am: Long-standing commitment of the UGA West Tire (Tift County; Tifton, Georgia) has reversed its commitment to Tennessee and plans to sign with volunteers. It has long been rumored that West would turn to FSU as Georgia’s defensive line class took shape late in the process, but he decides to stick with the SEC agenda.

– 9:23 a.m.: Cedar Grove Carlton (CJ) Madden rusher is now in the fold. Georgia announced his signing and he is the Bulldogs’ 16th signing on day one of the early signing period.

9:13 am: Another five-star prospect signed with Georgia. The program announced the former Ohio State commitment Jaheim Singletary as a signatory. He is the nation’s 21st prospect and signed up to the Bulldogs on November 21.

– 9:09 am: Georgia have announced the signing of a four-star defensive tackle Bear Alexander. The Texas native signed on to Georgia twice during the 2022 recruiting cycle and the second time held up. He is the 14th signatory of the program.

– 9:05 am: The Bulldogs got a signing from Cedartown linebacker CJ Washington. He is the 13th signatory of the UGA of the day and has been engaged since July 2020.

– 09h00: Mammoth Offensive Tackle Jacob Hood has signed with Georgia according to an official program announcement. The 6-foot-8, 350-pound lineman signed up for UGA in late August and is the 12th signing of the day.

– 8:21 am: A pair of out-of-state four stars are now in the fold. Georgia announced the signatures of the four-star running back Branson robinson and four-star security JaCorey Thomas. Robinson is the third-largest running back in the country according to industry-generated 247Sports, while Thomas has long been extremely high on the UGA board when it comes to safety.

– 7:57 am: UGA announces five-star security signatures Malaki Stark and three-star wide receiver Cole speer. This gives the Bulldogs nine signatories by 8 a.m. ET.

– 7:47 am: Georgia announces the signing of fast winger Chandler Smith. Florida’s old pledge pledged to Georgia on Tuesday.

– 7:40 am: Georgia announces a flurry of signatories well before 8 a.m. ET. The roster includes a five-star defensive lineman Mykel williams, four-star quarterback Gunner Stockton, four-star linebacker Walking milestone, four star tight end Oscar Delp, and three-star offensive lineman Griffon Scroggs. A total of six signatories were announced.

Brett thorson, an Australian bettor, has already submitted his national letter of intent. He did so on Tuesday around 3:30 p.m. ET, which in Australia was the morning of December 15.

Objectives set to be decided today …

OLB Marvin Jones Jr. (American Heritage; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

S Kamari Wilson (IMG Academy; Bredenton, Florida)

DB / WR Deyon Bouie (Bainbridge; Bainbridge, GA)

KG Shemar james (Faith Academy; Mobile, Alabama)

KG EJ Lightsey (Fitzgerald; Fitzgerald, Georgia)

Signatories announced (18)

P Brett thorson

DL Mykel williams

KG Walking milestone

YOU Oscar Delp

OL Griffon Scroggs

QB Gunner Stockton

WR Chandler Smith

Comic Malaki Stark

WR Cole speer

RB Branson robinson

Comic JaCorey Thomas

OT Jacob Hood

KG JC Washington

DL Bear Alexander

CB Jaheim Singletary

EDGE Carlton Madden

OL Draw Bobo

WR De’Nylon Morrissette

Current commitments (8)

CB Daylen Everette

CB Julien humphrey

CB Marquis Groves-Killebrew

RB Jordan james

EDGE Darris smith (Will sign on February 2, 2022)

OT Aliou Bah

DL Shining washington

WR Dillon bell


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