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Every year at this time in the diocese, several parishes and a diocesan office are busy preparing for the summer.

We are fortunate in the Diocese of Madison to host an annual Totus Tuus program.

Each summer, we hire faithful young adults to bear witness to the truth about Christ and share their journeys of faith with the young people in our parishes.

During Totus Tuus, these young adults share the Gospel, teach Catechism, spend time with the children in prayer and the sacraments, and have a lot of fun!

Totus Tuus is a Latin phrase meaning “entirely yours” and was the motto of Saint John Paul II. He took his motto from True Devotion to Marie de Saint Louis de Montfort.

Totus Tuus means our desire to give ourselves entirely to Jesus through Mary.

In our diocesan efforts, our mission is to inspire young people with a desire for holiness, a deep desire for conversion of heart and openness to their vocation by constantly encouraging them to grow in relationship with Jesus and Mary.

What we do a week Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus began in 1987 in Wichita, Kan., and now exists in 49 dioceses across the country.

Each year, Totus Tuus prays and calls on seminarians and students in our diocese and across the country to bring this mission to every young person, volunteer and family they meet as a Totus Tuus missionary.

These young adults are hired for their enthusiasm, their love of Christ and the Church, and their personal commitment to the spiritual life and the sacraments.

In turn, they offer this life of faith as a personal testimony of what it means to give your whole life to Christ.

A typical week includes daily Mass, Confession, Rosary reflections, games, skits, and age-appropriate catechesis.

Each team sent to serve the parishes is made up of two women and two men.

They are invited each week to a different parish to lead a missionary experience for elementary, middle and high school students.

By visiting a community, the team spends time with the families and shares its mission with the whole parish on weekends.

Involve families

This year, the program and plan of Totus Tuus includes an evening for families to meet, dine and spend time growing in faith and prayer.

We are blessed to have Bishop Donald J. Hying of Madison as a guest in most parishes at their Totus Tuus Family Training Night.

Interested in Totus Tuus?

If you would like your children or family to participate in Totus Tuus, check out to see which nearby parish hosts.

Contact details are available for each host parish.

For general information regarding Totus Tuus, contact Michelle Nilsson at the Office of Evangelism and Catechesis at 608-821-3160 or [email protected]

Meet the members of the Totus Tuus summer 2022 team

The year has been busy. Bishop Hying, along with the Office of Evangelism and Catechesis and the Office of Vocations, has gone ahead and created a schedule for two separate Totus Tuus teams, which will each visit five parishes and help with Love Begins Here during a week this summer.

Each team will be made up of two seminarians and two young women.

Kaiden Neumaier

I live near Cross Plains and belong to St. Peter Parish in Ashton. I have 11 siblings and enjoy working on a nearby farm and helping the neighbors with different projects. I have participated in Totus Tuus for several years and look forward to meeting many new friends across the Diocese.

Barry Meinholz

My name is Barry Meinholz and I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Madison. This is my second year on Totus Tuus and I look forward to another great summer. I grew up in Cross Plains and my home parish is St. Francis Xavier Parish in Cross Plains. I just graduated from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. I will be attending St. Francis de Sales Major Seminary in Milwaukee in the fall for theology studies.

Ally Kysley

Hello friends! I just finished my first year of undergrad at UW-Madison studying Spanish Education. I look forward to spending my life helping and teaching children. I also love spending time in God’s creation outdoors, especially by the lakes. You can usually find me at the chapel, at the tennis court or on my bike downtown.

Sarah Brewer

I’m so excited to be returning to Totus Tuus for my third summer and seeing all the people I’ve met over the past few years! I grew up in Glen Haven, Wisconsin, studied soil and crop science at UW-Platteville, and served not only on Totus Tuus, but also for a year with NET Ministries and another year with the mission team of the Diocese of Madison Xavier! In my spare time you will find me on my family farm, in a coffee shop or visiting small towns and eating local with my friends.

Anna Mercord

I’m going to be a junior biomedical engineering student at UW-Madison. I love being involved with the St. Paul Catholic Student Center and have grown in my faith through the community there. I also enjoy skiing, dancing, walking by the water and spending time with my friends and family. I am incredibly excited to see how God’s plan is unfolding this summer through Totus Tuus!

David Brown

Hi there. My name is David Marrone. I am a seminarian in the diocese and have just completed my first year at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. I grew up in Middleton and come from St. Francis Xavier Parish in Cross Plains. I like spending time outdoors and playing sports. I look forward to seeing the diocese and having the opportunity to share the goodness of our faith.

Bastien Wolfe

My name is Bastien Wolfe. I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Madison. I’m 19 and about to enter my second year of training. I like running, cooking and playing the trombone. I am very happy to serve the diocese as a missionary at Totus Tuus!

Veronique Wypasek

Hi! My name is Veronica Wypasek. I come from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, studying theology and catechesis. I deeply love Mama Mary, the saints and the mass. I also like to cook, craft, dance, play football and watch movies (I can probably name all the Disney movies). This will be my second summer serving the Diocese of Madison on Totus Tuus. It is such a blessing to come back and share the faith with you. I am so excited to meet Jesus through Mary together this summer!


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