Diocesan Pastoral Congress: Parish of Saint James the Just


Friday, September 24, 2021

IC photo / Marie Mischel

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Members of St. James the Just Ward engage in a small group discussion at their pastoral convention on September 18.

By Marie Mischel

Intermountain Catholic

OGDEN – The message from the presenter of the 2021 Pastoral Congress could have been written specifically for the parishioners of Santiago the Just, said those who met on September 18 in the parish assembly space.

In his presentation to the English-speaking audience, Brother Loughlan Sofield, CT spoke of loss and healing during this post-pandemic time. This message touched the parishioners of Saint-Jacques-le-Juste, who over the past three years have had three pastors and one priest assigned as sacramental minister.

Their current pastor, Fr. David Trujillo, has been at the parish since July. He replaced Fr. Reynato (Rene) Rodillas, who died of COVID-19 in January. From January to July, the parish was served by Fr. Eleazar Silva, who was the sacramental minister.

At the time of the dead Father de Rodillas, he had only been parish priest for about 18 months; the previous pastor, Fr. Erik Richtsteig, had served there for 16 years.

In his presentation to the Pastoral Congress, fr. Loughlan said that people should take the time to mourn (see story, p. 8) and that the Church should help mourn.

“Wow! Someone sent Bro. Loughlan our story,” said John Valdez, who organized the parish event.

After the video presentations and small group discussion, Fr. Trujillo asked those present to explain what their quest will be as they carry the message of the Pastoral Congress to the community.

Each person had an individual quest. Eileen Hollywood, one of the parish catechists, said she would like the children they teach to know their own gifts so they can come out and continue to spread their gifts and hopefully become better ones. Catholics.

For Anne Paul and Christina Trujillo, the quest will be more personal. Paul said she hoped to bring her sister back to the Church, while Trujillo said she wanted to set a better example as a way to encourage others to become more involved in the Church. Likewise, Layne Carver stated that he wanted to know more people in the parish and that he wanted people to know the truth of the Catholic faith.

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