Don’t miss classic and contemporary books by Latin authors


Latin Heritage Month is the perfect time to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of the Latino community around the world. The hope is that using this dedicated time to learn more about the work of this diverse community will encourage everyone to continue to seek out the many cultural contributions of Latinos and Latinas throughout the year, including those whose literary works have sustained voracious readers, past and present.

As a lifelong avid reader with Mexican immigrant parents, I was fortunate to have been exposed to literature by Latinx authors all my life and started reading classics by Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, Laura Esquivel, Pablo Neruda and many others at a fairly young age. In recent years, I have researched contemporary authors from Latin America and the global diaspora, and I am always struck by the dynamism of their work. It’s rich, compelling and deeply relevant, highlighting the extent of the community’s influence.

Below, I’ve collected some must-have classic and contemporary books by Latin authors for those who want to delve into the many gifts our different countries and cultures have to offer. Grab a few for yourself during this festive month and enjoy them for the rest of the year, as supporting the Latin community should be something we dutifully attend to throughout the year.


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