Embrace the Spirit of Love this Ramadan


Ramadan is back, a holy month when faithful Muslims around the world dedicate themselves to fasting and prayer, while increasing their spiritual commitment to Almighty Allah. Ramadan is particularly important for Muslim married couples as it acts as a time of refinement and devotion to the fundamental principles guiding their Islamic union. Marriage builds major aspects of society and establishes family structure.

During the month of Ramadan, married couples should practice self-control and observe the acts of patience, tolerance, kindness and above all the fundamental principle of love according to the teachings of Islam. Muslim couples are encouraged to take care of each other and pay attention to each other’s feelings during Ramadan even though the period also prohibits any form of intimacy which explains the importance of self-discipline and a deep reflection of faith in their personal and married life.

Faith builds a stronger relationship

Faith is important in Islamic marriage and studies show that couples who practice similar religions are more likely to build a strong relationship based on the tenets of their faith. These couples can focus on meeting each other’s needs and their creator’s purpose for their marriage. Ramadan offers the opportunity for couples who wish to rededicate themselves and present delicate situations in marriage to their creator in the hope that peace will return to their marriage.

For couples in interfaith marriage, Ramadan presents the perfect opportunity to introduce your partner to sharing your faith. If he is still on the journey of discovering faith, there is no better time to familiarize your partner with your faith than during Ramadan.

Practice peace and compassion

Weddings have a special importance during the Ramadan period and the benefits that come with it are immeasurable. In general, couples’ behaviors may undergo periodic changes during Ramadan, leaving a spouse irritable due to changes in their daily routine. However, the serenity experienced during this period expresses the importance of understanding and compassion rather than criticism and conflict. Couples often rely on this attitude even after the fasting period, which is important for maintaining a happy and stable relationship. Ramadan can be a wonderful way to let go of unreasonable behaviors and unrewarding obsessions by committing to fasting, prayer and self-reflection by remembering the things that matter most. that is, love, peace and unity.

Let love dominate your actions

Ramadan times bring wonderful messages of hope and comfort to the hearts of those who feel discouraged and others who may be going through some form of difficulty. Sharing food with families and friends and giving alms to the underprivileged in the community is one of the memorable attributes of Ramadan which brings people together in the spirit of love, faith and unity. As you continue in the spirit of Ramadan, the sacred time of fasting and self-cleansing for spiritual fulfillment, regardless of your religion or beliefs, it is essential to reflect and appreciate the purpose of Ramadan as well as embracing the spirit of love and love. peace. Think about the choices you make this month and never forget to put love first wherever you go.

Ramadan Kareem!

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