Here are the Ottawa schools with the highest and lowest absentee rates


Ottawa’s largest school board is reporting an average absentee rate of nearly 25 per cent so far this year, a week after students return for in-person learning.

The province no longer publishes information about COVID-19 in schools, but shares data on absences online, whether related to COVID-19 or not.

Data shared on Monday showed schools in the Ottawa-Carleton District Council reported an average absence rate of 24.5 per cent among students and staff.

However, only 24 of the board’s 142 schools reported absentee rates.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board reported an average absenteeism rate of 13.5% in 28 schools.

The province said families will be notified when 30% of students and staff are absent. Four OCDSB schools exceeded this threshold. According to the data, no school in the Ottawa Catholic School Board exceeded the 30% threshold.

Province-wide, more than 330 schools reported absenteeism rates above 30%. Twenty-one of them had absenteeism rates above 80%.

Data was made available for 3,451 of the province’s 4,844 schools.

Here are the schools in each Ottawa school board with the highest and lowest absenteeism rates as of the end of last week. For a complete list, you can visit the Government of Ontario website.

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (24 reporting schools)

Five highest absenteeism rates:

  • Urban Indigenous Alternative High School: 66.7%

  • Secondary alternative site Richard Pfaff: 65.5%

  • Adult high school: 47.6%

  • Osgoode Township High School: 42.8%

  • Brookfield High School: 28.5%

Five lowest absenteeism rates:

  • Connaught Public School – 0%

  • Lisgar Collegiate Institute: 6.7%

  • Ridgemont High School: 8.4%

  • Colonel By High School: 9.2%

  • Nepean High School: 13.8%

Ottawa Catholic School Board (28 reporting schools)

Five highest absenteeism rates:

  • Notre Dame Middle School: 24.6%

  • St. Paul Middle School: 23.4%

  • Notre Dame High School: 21.8%

  • Lester B. Pearson Catholic Middle School: 20.7%

  • St. Mark’s Middle School: 18.2%

Five lowest absenteeism rates:

  • Assumption Catholic Elementary School: 0%

  • St. Gemma Elementary School: 0%

  • St. Stephen’s Catholic Elementary School: 0.2%

  • St. Nicholas Adult Secondary School: 2.6%

  • St. Matthew’s High School: 9.7%

CEPEO (53 reporting schools)

Five highest absenteeism rates:

  • Millennium Teen Center: 43.8%

  • L’Alternative public secondary school: 37.6%

  • Young parent programs: 33.3%

  • L’Héritage public elementary school: 23.6%

  • Le Sommet Public Elementary School: 22.7 percent

Five lowest absenteeism rates:

  • Rivière-Rideau Public Secondary School: 0%

  • Day treatment centre: 3.7%

  • Maurice-Lapointe public elementary school: 7.3%

  • Marc-Garneau public secondary school: 7.4%

  • Omer-Deslauriers public elementary school: 8.1%

CECCE (35 reporting schools)

Five highest absence rates:

  • Psycho-Social Day Center team: 22.2%

  • Paul VI Catholic Elementary School: 20.6%

  • Pavillion Hawkesbury Catholic School: 20 percent

  • Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire Catholic Elementary School: 19.5%

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School: 18.8%

Five lowest absence rates:

  • CEFEO: 0%

  • Embrun Catholic High School: 3.2%

  • Casselman Catholic High School: 5.7%

  • Rosary Catholic Elementary School: 6.8%

  • St. Albert Catholic Elementary School: 8 percent

– with files from The Canadian Press


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