Hundreds donated to Pokrova Catholic Church in Parma to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – There is a great need for the more than 300,000 Ukrainian refugees who have poured into Poland. The Pokrova Ukrainian Catholic Church in Parma has collected hundreds of boxes and bags of emergency items for refugees.

“All this help, all this help for the Ukrainian nation, for Ukrainian children, the Ukrainian people, it means a lot,” said one of the volunteers.

Volunteers spent all day Tuesday sorting through warm clothes, food and medical supplies. All of this will be shipped directly to refugees in Poland this week.

“All of these donations go to children, they go to broken cities, they go to hostels, they go to hospitals, they go to nursing homes,” one volunteer said.

A volunteer told 19 News that these items would be brought to a logistics center in New Jersey where they would be shipped directly to Poland. Items will then be distributed to the refugees.

“A lot of people are willing to work with us, said one volunteer. “A lot of people provide us with containers. Many people provide us with planes for free. They say whatever you choose, we’ll take care of it.

Even though these volunteers worked around the clock, they are grateful because these items will help save lives.

“We were expecting donations of around $30 or $40,” said one volunteer. “Within probably half a day, a semi-trailer was completely packed and we honestly got more stuff because it didn’t suit us.”

During this difficult time, they feel a sense of relief knowing that their loved ones back home in Ukraine have help on the way.

“God bless you for all your donations, God bless you for all your help, God bless you and your family, the United States and Ukraine,” said one volunteer.

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