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Matt Bellis, Senior Director of Public Affairs at LIberty HealthShare

Matt Bellis, Senior Director of Public Affairs at LIberty HealthShare

CANTON, OHIO, USA, July 14, 2022 / — Liberty HealthShare, one of the nation’s leading Christian healthcare sharing ministries, will be attending the Well Versed Future Conference on July 20-21 in Arlington, Virginia.

Matt Bellis, Liberty HealthShare’s Senior Director of Public Affairs, will co-host the conference and speak about healthcare and health sharing. Actress Tiffany Bates will be the other co-host.

Bellis will discuss how the nation’s healthcare system is facing rising costs, shrinking access and greater intrusion on believers. He will propose Health Sharing as a solution centered on the individual and “motivated by our commitment to one another through Christ”.

He will remind the audience that he is probably already following the principles on which sharing health is based by seeking the support of his family, friends and church when he encounters difficulties in his life. Bellis will describe how the rise of crowdfunding happened in a similar spirit.

“We’re here for you, we need you,” Bellis will tell the audience. “Let’s show the world how the body of Christ works.”

Well Versed Ministry, founded in 2018 by Dr. Jim Garlow and Rosemary Schindler Garlow, focuses on sharing biblical principles of governance with leaders through small group Bible studies and one-on-one meetings. The ministry helps national and international leaders become “well versed” in God’s principles for governing nations.

Established in 1995, Liberty HealthShare is a member-focused, nonprofit 501(c) Christian health ministry that helps each other in times of need through medical expense sharing. The faith-based program is a caring community of more than 100,000 health-conscious individuals and families who choose to support each other and embrace Christian values ​​of stewardship to make health care affordable for all. To learn more about Liberty HealthShare, visit

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