Man arrested after police respond to call for gunfire in northwest Spokane


Jamar Wren, 20, was arrested Tuesday morning after police responded to a report of gunshots on Northwest Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue, Spokane police spokeswoman Julie Humphreys said.

A call came in around 10:15 a.m. saying shots were fired in the 2000 block of Jefferson Avenue after a man argued with a woman. Police reportedly were on the scene about three minutes later, and Wren complied when police contacted him via a speakerphone at 2011 N. Jefferson Ave. . The police arrested him on suspicion of illegal possession of a firearm. The shooting appears to have resulted from a domestic dispute, police said.

No injuries were reported.

Two nearby schools, Spokane Public Montessori School and Trinity Catholic School, were placed under quarantine but reopened around 11 a.m., Humphreys said.

Wren has a history of illegal possession of firearms. According to court documents, he pleaded guilty to two 2020 cases involving unlawful possession of a firearm, one of which included burglary and assault. He was also charged with robbery in another case that year.

Some neighbors were upset by what they described as an increase in crime in the area lately. Duane Delaney, 19, was arrested May 17 in connection with a gang-related drive-by shooting near the 2000 block of Jefferson Avenue, where Wren was arrested.

Nearby resident Jamie Absalonson said the neighborhood has been deteriorating rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. She acknowledged the mental health and addiction issues in the community and says neighbors tend to look out for each other, but the increasingly frequent sound of gunfire left her frustrated.

As police diverted traffic in the area, Absalonson held up a cardboard sign to drivers expressing outrage at gun violence by youths.

“It’s just a safety issue,” she said. “I would never carry a gun for protection, but there needs to be more laws to prevent children from having guns.”

A police investigation into the latest shooting is ongoing.


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