“Mega Operativo Nuevo Nayarit” works to recover illegally seized real estate


In mid-July this year, the state government of Nayarit announced that since September 2021, when the new administration began, it began with the investigation called “Mega Operativo Nuevo Nayarit” whose purpose is to recover state property that was illegally seized in Bahía de Banderas and Compostela.

In the first stage, 70 properties were detected, the value of which amounts to more than 21 billion pesos; however, after continuing the work, on July 27 it was reported that they had found around 30 more properties worth over 8 billion pesos. Currently, it is estimated that there are approximately 100 lands and the damage caused to the entity reaches a total of 30 billion pesos.

The Executive Office Legal Coordinator, Gabriel Camarena, confirmed that this amount is even higher than what Nayarit receives from the annual budget, so it is essential to recover them as they would go directly to the new New Nayarit Trust Fund (FINN ), which will replace the Banderas Bay Trust (FIBBA).

On August 18, Gabriel Camarena reported having been notified of the first amparo filed by Héctor Cárdenas Curiel for the property located in Playa Punta Raza, Compostela, which has an area of ​​approximately 325 hectares.

This property is the first that came to them; however, there are 7 other people who approached to negotiate.

Until August 28, in Playa Punta Raza, Compostela, 3.4 million m2 have been secured, an area valued at 6.5 billion dollars, while in Badeba, 261,000 m2 with an approximate value of 522 million dollars, it being understood that the m2 is quoted in the region at 2,000 dollars.

One of the reclaimed areas has been announced to be used to build a headquarters for the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), so work will begin shortly for this purpose.

In another of the lands, a tourist complex will be established whose investment will be 1.6 billion dollars and the commitment is that the supplies will have to be purchased in the state and they will have to be registered in Nayarit.

The crimes allegedly committed are criminal association, exploitation with resources of illicit origin, fraudulent administration, fraud, crimes committed by officials and tax evasion, in which businessmen, associations civil servants, public notaries and members of the committee of the Bahia Trust.

Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero has endorsed his commitment to eradicate corruption in the state, after carrying out the investigation that lasted more than 8 months and which, he claimed, aims to recover the assets of the inhabitants of Nayarit and those who acted in bad faith will face justice.

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