Ms. Marvel’s Most Precious Relationship Is Between Brother And Sister


The MCU has no shortage of siblings and their rivalries. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) have had many adventures together and battles against each other. Gamore (Zoe Saldana) had a rocky relationship with her adoptive cyborg sister Nebula (Karen Gillan), not thanks to their abusive tyrannical father Thanos (Josh Brolin). More recently, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) surrogate sister Yelena Belova (Florence Poug) was introduced in Black Widow. With the latest Disney+ series Ms. Marvelthe MCU gives us another vibrant sibling relationship in Kamala Khan (Iman Villani) and his older brother Aamir. While Kamala might have the most interesting scenario of becoming a mutant A superhero, Aamir has his own dramatic story that mirrors the series’ theme of family and culture. Otherwise, Saagar Sheikh brings a comedic and heartfelt performance as Aamir Khan, Kamala’s older brother who is just as important to his team as some of his best friends.


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When we are first introduced to Aamir, he is engrossed in prayer, his hands in front of him toward the sky. At first glance, it might seem like Aamir is going to be a serious character, too focused on praying rather than eating breakfast. Even his father, Yusuf (Mohan Kapour), rebukes him. Although Aamir takes Islam seriously, especially as his wedding is fast approaching, he is not at all the straight man he first appears to be. Rather than being a strict older brother to Kamala, Aamir doesn’t try to become a third parent to her – Yusuf and, more importantly, her mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) are doing enough as overprotective parents. Aamir is actually more of a shrewd, teasing older brother who can easily think of a punchline. For example, when he meets Kamala and his new friend Kamran (Rish Shah), Kamala introduces him as a cousin. Amir tries to remember if he knows Kamran, and he plays as if he does. “You were watching haram stuff on the internet, Aamir says, “We called you Haram-dot-Kamran.” It’s a joke that’s not just a pun on Kamran’s name, but also touches on Aamir’s views on faith. His first scene may have been of a devout Muslim praying, but he’s just as ready to have some fun with it. haraam — “prohibited things” that a teenager should not do. Of course, he tells this joke just to embarrass Kamala in front of her new friend.

What is significant with this line is that it was completely improvised. In an interview with the Salaam Nerds, Saagar Shaikh explains how “it wasn’t scripted” and how the director of Episode 2 Meera Menon “really trust [him]to improvise. Among other off-the-cuff lines, Shaikh alternately thought to “I remember you man, you were the guy who always had a plate full of kebabs, right? We called you kebab-ran.” In the same interview, Shaikh noted how he was previously part of the improv theater company Upright Citizens Brigade with his co-star Travina Springer, who plays Aamir’s love interest and fiancé Tyesha. It’s great to see Shaikh bring his improv training to the character of Aamir, who could have easily turned into a cliché type of older brother – bossy and boring. But because of the personality Shaikh brings to Aamir, his relationship with Kamala is relatively funny. With his improv training and mastery of character, Shaikh paints a fuller portrayal of a secondary character who might have been less than all the superhero action.

Aamir’s character also helps to underscore the central themes at the heart of Ms. Marvel: family and culture. As Kamala goes through her own journey of self-discovery and transformation, Aamir goes through a transformative experience by marrying Tyesha. As he prepares for the wedding, Aamir receives a pep talk from his father Yusuf. “You are about to stand before God and your family and commit to the love of your life,” he told Aamir, “You are brave, my son. Because you have chosen family. And the man who chooses the family is never alone.Although this message is between father and son, it is a message that Kamala Khan also needed to hear – thankfully, she listens throughout this scene Aamir reaffirms his faith and commitment to his love Tyesha, bringing her into his own family Shaikh’s history and familiarity with Travina Springer shines through in Aamir and Tyesha’s chemistry, especially when they end up saying what they do. Aamir’s beliefs and values ​​in the family parallel Kamala’s search for the origins of the bracelet that gives her superpowers; it is through her family history and love motherhood passed down from generation to generation that give Kamala a newfound confidence and sense of identity. entity as the Pakistani-American Muslim superhero, Ms. Marvel.

Aamir’s love is not only shown in his marriage to Tyesha, but also in his loyalty and care for Kamala. When Kamala and his friends are hunted down by the Department of Damage Control (DODC) and are trapped in high school, Aamir unexpectedly shows up to help plan their attack. Although Kamala complains that “superheroes don’t need chaperones”, Aamir’s presence in the team’s final stand cannot be overlooked. In fact, Aamir’s general acceptance that his sister possesses superpowers and saved lives around Jersey City shows the kind of love he has for her. As the end of the finale suggests, Kamala Khan is actually a mutant. In the x-men comics and in previous movies, mutants have been met with hatred and bigotry. Here, the Khans openly accept him as their friendly neighborhood superhero. Aamir is even willing to take the risk and the trouble of getting in the way of the DODC in order to save his sister. Even when Kamala seemingly ruins her wedding celebration by setting off the fire alarm — unbeknownst to anyone, she was doing it to save them from the illegals — Aamir is still willing to put everything aside for his sister.

In a series full of underground villains and Kamala’s best friends, it’s great to see a character like Aamir have his own story and development. Saagar Shaikh’s performance brings an endearing charm and sense of humor to the character. There’s clearly more to be said with his character, especially with his new wife besides the reveal that his sister is a superhero. Hopefully we will get more out of Aamir and Kamala’s relationship if not in the next movie Wonders but in a Ms. Marvel Season 2.


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