NKy children in need of school supplies have until July 31 to apply for the NKY Harvest Backpack program


If your children need supplies for the upcoming school year, Northern Kentucky Harvest can help.

The nonprofit organization has 1,032 backpacks containing paper, pens and pencils, and other grade-appropriate school supplies, to distribute to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. He just needs to know who to give them to.

The organization is asking parents and guardians to register by July 31 via email to be eligible to receive supplies on the weekend of August 13-14. (If more than 1,032 students register, a lottery will again be used to determine recipients.)

(Photo by City of Covington)

For the past several years, Northern Kentucky Harvest has distributed the supplies at a “Backpacks and Breakfast” event in the City of Covington’s Goebel Park. But with the pandemic continuing, it’s adopting the same car jump format as the past two years to make the transfer as safe as possible, said Paul Gottbrath, chairman of the Northern Kentucky Harvest Board.

“We know there are still a lot of people who are hurting financially, with the pandemic and rising grocery and gas prices, so hopefully we can connect with some of them and help out a bit,” Gottbrath said. “As for the kids, it really kicks your soul to see how excited they are holding that backpack full of markers, scissors, crayons, tablets and rulers.”

How it works:

• Complete the form when registering the backpack and click “submit”.

• The form asks for the parent or guardian’s name, the city they live in, their email address and phone number, as well as the student’s name, the school they will be attending during the year school year 2022-23 and the class in which it will be (since the supplies differ according to the grade level).

• The deadline is 5:00 p.m. on July 31.

• Recipients will receive a confirmation email and be notified by August 1 with a time and day for pickup from the parking lot at Be Concerned, 1100 Pike St., Covington.

• Drivers will not have to get out of their car.

The event is in its 22nd year and has distributed about 16,000 backpacks over the years, with more than half of the recipients each year from Covington, Gottbrath said.

The event is presented annually by Northern Kentucky Harvest in conjunction with Be Concerned and the Brighton Center.

Support comes from the Butler Foundation, RC Durr Foundation, Scripps Howard Foundation, Western & Southern Financial Fund, Greater Cincinnati Foundation Summertime Kids Fund, Kentucky Humana Healthy Horizons Medicaid, SofaGives Charitable Fund, and St. Pius X Catholic. Church in Edgewood, as well as St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cold Spring and St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Union.

Frisch’s, Harvest’s original partner in the event, will once again be participating by providing gift certificates for a free kid’s meal in each backpack.

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