Ottawa Catholic School Board students and staff continue to adhere to public health measures


The OCSB says students and staff continue to wear masks, despite the Ontario government abandoning public health mandates in the province.

Once they knew what they were up against, the Ottawa Catholic School Board made it their mission to ensure that all schools had their ventilation systems overhauled by next fall.

It was two years ago.

In addition to improved ventilation infrastructure for each school, the school board introduced new HEPA filters for each classroom, but more focused on students with compromised immune systems.

Today, as students face another surge with the latest variant of COVID-19, Mary Donoghy, Associate Director of Education, said Sam Laprade’s show on Thursday, April 7 that a good majority of students and teachers continue to wear masks and cohorts despite the province abandoning all mandates.

“As you know, you have to self-isolate if you have a positive test or symptoms, so we really encourage people to follow the protocols that Ottawa Public Health encourages us to follow, Donaghy said.

When the province decided to drop PCR testing and contact tracing, the OCSB implemented an email alert protocol for parents to be notified of outbreaks or illnesses.

Donaghy says absenteeism is on the rise, but the situation is still manageable.


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