Parents stunned by banner used at high school football game call it “disappointing”


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV / Gray News) – A huge billboard used at a high school football game sparks controversy in a North Carolina school district.

According to WBTV, the cheerleaders at Butler High School were holding a banner that read: Sniff sniff. You feel it ? $ Privilege $ for the football team to pass before the start of the match.

The wording implies that students who attend Charlotte Catholic High School, the opposing team, are privileged.

Parents were amazed that the student cheerleaders held the banner, and some called it a disappointment.

“What was so disturbing is that it’s the kids, said Melissa Swanson, a parent who attended the soccer game with her son. “Whether they are in high school, elementary school or college, they are children. The administration, the coaches, the athletic director – they had to know that.

Swanson thought the sign was petty and an inaccurate representation.

She thinks the panel portrays the idea that Charlotte Catholic is an easy-going “rich, white high school”.

“It is by no means the case,” Swanson said. “I am a single mother and I am raising my son on my own. We are paying for this school and working hard to be there.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School District released a statement saying it was aware of the banner used in the football game between Butler High School and Catholic High School Charlotte.

“Team members and adults responsible for monitoring will suffer the consequences of displaying this banner,” the statement said. “School and district officials will not offer any specific information on this disciplinary issue.”

The leaders of Butler High School issued a verbal apology to the leaders of Charlotte Catholic. Likewise, the cheerleaders at Buter High School sent a letter of apology to their Catholic school counterparts.

“Soon there will be a meeting between the school cheerleader teams to facilitate goodwill and understanding,” the statement said.

The principal of Charlotte Catholic High School forgave what had happened and appreciated the outreach received from the community at Butler High School.

“We understand how the emotions surrounding sporting events can sometimes lead to actions that do not represent an organization’s values,” Charlotte Catholic High School principal Kurt Telford wrote in a statement. “We hope everyone learns from such moments because at the end of the day we are all one community.”

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