Pearson and Canadian edtech partner to improve support for digital math in Canadian schools


Educational publisher Pearson Canada and Canadian electronics technology provider Knowledgehook have announced a partnership to provide digital support for teachers and students to improve math education in Canada.

Knowledgehook offers an artificial intelligence (AI) -based solution that connects a child’s school education with their learning at home, providing real-time information and remedial tools to teachers on learning gaps. students. Edtech’s collaboration with Pearson Canada will enable users of Pearson’s, a classroom resource designed to help teachers in Canada support and deliver their students (Grades 3 to 6) on their math journey. fun, to have access to integrated Knowledgehook activities within specific courses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a revolution in the world of education, accelerating the adoption of blended learning approaches among educators and students around the world, giving birth to a new style of teaching that combines traditional and digital learning models. The two companies say they attribute the collaboration to a mutual exploration of these blended learning approaches and the opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on teachers and students.

The combination of the two resources means that students will be able to interact with math through games and activities hosted in Knowledgehook’s proprietary instructional guidance system. In addition, it will allow educators to access complementary digital products aligned with the curriculum. Mathology’s comprehensive plans, assessment tools and student lessons, along with interactive activities from Knowledgehook and its underlying instructional guidance system, together will help teachers assess student progress and award relevant and engaging next steps, the two companies explained.

“This partnership presents the future of classrooms around the world. Knowledgehook has created a suite of teacher and student resources that is transforming the blended learning environment, ”said Bruce Rodrigues, former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Knowledgehook Advisory Board member and former Director General of the Office for Quality and Responsibility in Education (OQRE). , in a press release. “Knowledgehook really brings content to life and this integration from Pearson will allow more teachers and students in Canada to benefit.”

After its launch across Canada, Knowledgehook has gradually strengthened its presence in the world, in the United Kingdom, in Australia and recently in Mexico.


Canadian edtech company supports Mexican students on their math journey

“Through the collaboration with Pearson, we will be able to reach more math teachers who are looking for innovative and effective ways to support not only their own learning, but also the learning of their students,” Qamar Qureshi said. , President and Commercial Director of Knowledgehook. .


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