Rediker Software partners with Connect1 to better involve the Catholic school community


“We are delighted to partner with the innovative Connect 1 team and help Catholic educators and school leaders improve communication and bonds with parents and families.”

Rediker Software, a leader in school administration software, today announced its partnership with Connect1 to bring customers the first secure parental engagement app for the K-8 Catholic school community. This app centralizes and automates key engagement functions such as volunteer registrations and tracking, school directory, talent center and even an innovative prayer board. All schools want to increase the level of parental involvement in the education process, and the Connect1 app makes this easier.

The Connect1 app uses proven “gamification” techniques and positive reinforcement to better engage the school community. Designed with an easy-to-use mobile interface and a strong Catholic identity, the app enables schools to make the most of their community’s talents, skills and interests for volunteerism and fundraising events, while also making the most of their community’s talents, skills and interests. simple and fun engagement for families.

According to Connect1 founder and CEO Jeff Sant, research shows that parental involvement is linked to increased student achievement, and schools should help parents become “knowledgeable partners” in the learning process. In this perspective, the school community needs to be informed and needs a place of interaction. Helping schools communicate better and operate more effectively allows them to focus more on student success.

“You’ve heard it before… it takes a whole village to educate a child,” Sant said. “Years and years ago, this concept of village consisted of closely geographically located families, centered around the church, usually with a working parent and a parent remaining involved in the education of their child and others. activities, ”he explained.

“Today’s ‘village’ is very different. Families are more geographically dispersed – some families belong to the affiliated church and some do not – and most families have both parents working full time. Engaging parents in the 21st century is difficult, especially when most parents cannot even access the building during the pandemic. Connect1 is focused on a smarter way to engage the modern village, ”Sant said.

“For more than 40 years, Rediker Software has helped Catholic educators K-12 meet their evolving technological challenges,” said John Schreck, Marketing Director of Rediker. “More than ever, this includes secure, mobile-ready connections with students and families. We are delighted to partner with the innovative Connect 1 team and help Catholic educators and school leaders improve communication and bonds with parents and families.

About Rediker software

For 40 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in educational administration software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. The company’s products include AdminPlus, a cloud-based SIS solution, TeacherPlus Gradebook, ParentPlus and StudentPlus web portals, AdmissionsPlus and Teacher Evaluator. For more information on Rediker Software, please visit

About Connect1

Connect1, Inc. is an educational technology company with a parent engagement app focused on Catholic K-8 schools. Connect1’s mission is to make school community engagement fun and easy. For more information on Connect1, please visit

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