Residents of Merthyr may have a say in two options for building a new Catholic school


The residents of Merthyr Tydfil may have a say in two options as to where to build a new Catholic school.

The consultation on the revised options for the new Catholic school 3-16 has started and will continue until Thursday, February 17.

A special council meeting in December saw this latest consultation approved despite voting by some councilors as they did not believe Greenie or Buttercup Field should be included in the consultation due to strong public opposition to relying on them.

Those who oppose the inclusion of Greenie or Buttercup Field in the consultation proposed including a “none of the above options” option at the December 7 meeting, but this was rejected by council.

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The first option (Option A) in the current consultation is for the Greenie, with additional open space on the current phase two of Bishop Hedley High School (BHHS).

This is the second previous option with changes made in response to the previous consultation, including moving the community playground near the current community multi-use playground and moving the community locker rooms to the Buttercup. Fields next to community and shared grass land. 3G location.

It also includes an additional community green space facility included in phase two (upper site) of the current BHHS site and a secure pedestrian route provided from the location of the Greenie playgrounds to the Buttercup fields and a new community space on the phase two of BHHS. site.

The school building with parking and drop-off would be located on the Greenie Playgrounds, with both courts being moved to the Buttercup grounds.

One of the playing fields would be an all-season 3G football field shared between the school and the community, and the other would be open access to the community.

The other option (Option B) is for the current Bishop Hedley site with a school rugby pitch on one of the Buttercup Fields, which is a new option.

The school building and the primary disembarkation and play areas would be located on phase two of the current BHHS site, with parking, gym and sports fields on phase one of the site.

A school rugby field would be located on the second plateau of the Buttercup Fields.

Head of Council and Cabinet Member for Education Councilor Lisa Mytton said: “The Full Council has taken into account all comments from previous public consultations and agreed to revised options for further public consultation.

“These include an option to expand the existing BHHS sites to give everyone a real alternative to the development of the school building on the Greenie.

“The option to develop the Greenie now includes the provision of more green space for the community to further enhance the provision of new community facilities across the Greenie, Buttercup Fields and existing BHHS sites.

“We want to provide the best solution for the entire community with this school – for students, residents and land users – and your feedback is critical to that decision.”

The plan is to close the Roman Catholic (RC) St Aloysius, St Illtyd’s RC Primary and St Mary’s RC and Bishop Hedley RC High School (BHHS) primary schools and create a new 3-16 Volunteer Assisted Catholic School.

The consultation survey and proposal details, including site maps, are available here.

Hard copies can be requested from the council, either by calling 01685 725000 or by emailing [email protected]

Responses should be returned to the board marked FAO 3-16 School Project by February 17th.

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