Shame on the bishops; thanks to the NCC officer; exposure of veterans to toxins


Shame on the bishops

Shame on the Catholic Bishops of the United States for their recent vote on the reception of the Blessed Sacrament by pro-abortion Catholics.

Every second-grader Catholic schoolboy learns that murder is a serious sin, and the Catholic Church views abortion as murder, even according to Pope Francis.

What was there to discuss?

May Almighty God have mercy on their souls for the scandal given and the lives lost due to their dereliction of duty.

– Elizabeth O’Malley, Wilmington

Thanks to the NCC officer

A few days ago, while shopping, my car suddenly found itself in traffic on Limestone Road. Stunned, I turned on the turn signals and called my husband. I then got out of the car because the very real possibility of other people hitting me existed. I waited on the middle band. To my surprise, an unmarked car pulled up behind me, with its turn signals on. An off-duty New Castle County police officer came to the rescue.

He manually pushed the car to the side of the road, lifted the hood, and saw corrosion on the battery, which he cleaned out. He got some portable jumpers in his car and blew the car into life with the help of my husband. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name, even though he introduced himself.

Many thanks to this officer. Congratulations to him for his kindness and his speed of action. It’s an angel.

– Janice Keane, Newark

Exposure of veterans to toxic air is necessary

The News Journal article titled “US Studies Disease in Veterinarians Exposed to Poisonous Air” was badly needed. President Biden has done a great job researching the issues that still lead many veterans to routinely commit suicide.

As President of the Eden / Hamilton Park Civic Association, we successfully filed a class action and other litigation against 32 industries and the state of Delaware over a 16-year period before receiving our last check. As the Commander of the Disabled American Veterans for New Castle, Delaware, I have had the opportunity to speak with many veterans from across the country who have the same issues that we have here in Delaware. They are especially concerned about reports from the EPA describing that military bases are often contaminated even during the training period for the veteran’s posting to a duty post.

Within a week of writing this letter, I will be sending Dr.Anthony Fauci, along with a copy to President Biden, Part 2 of an earlier document from 2003 and 2018 now fully explaining with evidence the probable causes of the COVID-19 virus. . .

– Louis McDuffy, New Château

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