Students at Holy Rosary ‘Slime’ Principal School as part of Heart Month celebration – Daily Democrat


In honor of American Heart Month, some students who raised more than $50 at Holy Rosary Catholic School welcomed and then reveled in the rare opportunity to “Slime” school principal Bob Bachmeier.

Principal Bachmeier’s Friday afternoon Nickelodeon-lite “sliming” by over 30 students on the campus playground was a fun activity to celebrate the schools’ recent successful fundraising campaign through the Kids Heart Challenge program of the American Heart Association. The “Slime” consisted of water, flour, and food coloring instead of being glue-based, much to Bachmeier’s relief.

“They haven’t slimmed me down yet, so we played that during the fundraising campaign,” Bachmeier said. “I think there’s something cool about slimming down your main. They had different choices, but they landed on that and I agreed.

Students at the school were not required to donate, but were encouraged to participate in any way they could. According to Bachmeier, more than $5,000 was raised for the American Heart Association during the challenge, marking one of the program’s most successful years.

The American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge offers a unique, age-appropriate program and activities. Students and educators are given the tools to learn social and emotional skills like kindness and how to care for their physical health and mental well-being, while making a difference by raising funds to save lives.

Previous fundraisers, such as a food drive, culminated in students being able to shave Bachmeier’s head.

This was not the only event organized on campus. The third and fourth graders hosted a team from the Lyons Club, consisting of Lucinda Talkington and her service dog Etsy, to present a brief history of the American flag educating students about the importance of patriotism.

Students were able to ask questions about their family members who serve or have served our country in the military, police, and firefighters. They also made a lifelong commitment to honor and protect ‘Old Glory’.


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