Sudbury Catholic Council unveils new brands and a new brand image


They are intended to support the mission of the board – to realize the potential of each student within an inclusive Catholic learning community.

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The Sudbury District Catholic School Board unveiled new posters on Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Val Caron.

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“This is the culmination of a plan that was put in place some time ago with wide consultation,” Michael Bellmore, chairman of the board, said in a statement. “This signage will be introduced on all of our properties as and when required and will ensure a consistent brand image throughout the system.

Bellmore said the branding strategy, which was developed in 2017, “has been embedded throughout our organization and reflects our commitment to developing the child as a whole.”

Joanne Bénard, director of the board, said expanding the branding of its buildings is a critical part of the board’s identity so that the public can easily and easily identify Catholic schools in the community. “Currently, our schools do not have consistent signage,” Bénard said.

“Adding the rebranded signage would ensure that all schools are clearly identified as under the jurisdiction of the Sudbury District Catholic School Board and clearly reflect our uniqueness.

The new sign is notable not only for its modernized design, but also for the messages it represents, the board said. The classic Trinity Cross remains the focal point and keeps the board connected to the past. The added shapes highlight an innovative color palette that reflects the board’s mission statement:

– SCDSB Mind (teal) represents the creative and innovative right hemisphere of the brain.

– SCDSB Body (red) represents health and vitality.

– SCDSB Spirit (yellow) represents the beacon of faith.

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– SCDSB Complete (blue) is the sum of the parts – mind, body and spirit, which represents the student as a whole.

These messages support the board’s mission – to realize the potential of every student within an inclusive Catholic learning community by nurturing and developing students through mind, body and spirit.

The new signs will help accentuate and encourage its mission in each school, the board said.

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