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In 2015, Netflix and Marvel teamed up for a new breed of superhero television, one that was darker and more mature than anything we had seen before. Arrowwho had been praised by fans and critics for his incredible stunts and choreography, had nothing on daredevil, and the Marvel/Netflix series was just the stepping stone to a larger universe, or at least a small part of an already established universe. With occasional references to The Avengers and the greatest Marvel Cinematic Universe, daredevil and the other Defenders carved out their own dark little corner of the universe and made it their own. In reality, daredevil was so successful that he even launched a Punisher spin-off centered around Frank Castle (Jon Berntal) after the quest-daredevil Season 2. But no matter how big the Marvel/Netflix Universe was, it wasn’t meant to last.


Although Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron fistand daredevil would all be cancelled, fans had come to love Charlie Coxis Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrioby Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, defining them as the definitive representations of the characters. This would eventually lead to Cox returning as Murdock briefly in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and in a new Daredevil costume sometime She-Hulk: Lawyer series. Likewise, the Kingpin also returned, albeit in a more prominent “big bad” role in the Hawk Eye series. Daredevil and Kingpin should also appear on the Echo spin-off too. Needless to say, these characters aren’t lost, even though their streak ended before their time. Now that Kevin Feige and company announced the next 18 episodes Daredevil: Born Again series, there are a few things we need to see addressed…

Does the rivalry between Daredevil and Kingpin continue?

Although they’ve both officially appeared in the MCU at this point, we’ve yet to see Daredevil and Kingpin interact in anything outside of the original Netflix series. Although it is not clear if daredevil will always be canon in the world of born again, there is no doubt that the rivalry between Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock will remain as strong as ever. Their respective roles in Frank MillerThe original “Born Again” story arc is paramount to their comic book stories, which means this series will continue to explore the conflict between them.

Part of what made Netflix daredevil The series so interesting to begin with was the conspiracy surrounding Wilson Fisk, with the third season – itself partially based on Miller’s “Born Again” story – coming back to life as it reintroduces the Kingpin into Matt’s life with a new acquaintance from his secret identity, just like in the comic book story. Really, daredevil worked largely because Cox’s Daredevil had such a strong enemy in D’Onofrio’s Fisk, and we can only hope to see this thread continue in Born again. Plus, if the new series is still tied to the original, that means Kingpin still knows Matt’s secret.

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Without Matt Murdock, there’s no Daredevil, and part of the character’s charm (besides his dashing good looks) is that he’s a hero both in costume and out. As a blind lawyer, Murdock became fully committed to the people of Hell’s Kitchen, hoping to make his neighborhood a better place. Naturally, he can’t do it alone, and often his best pal Foggy Nelson (played in the Netflix series by Elden Henson) stands by his side to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Foggy was one of Matt’s biggest assets in Netflix daredevil, and without his best friend by his side, he often gets lost in his Guardian Devil identity. In fact, entire seasons of daredevil told the familiar tale of Matt losing himself to Daredevil like an adrenaline junkie, with Foggy constantly hoping to bring his friend back to reality. If Daredevil is truly to be “reborn” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he must do so alongside his most trusted friend.

How will Karen Page take the story into account?

Much of the original “Born Again” story is about Karen Page who, in a dark twist, sold Matt Murdock’s secret identity as Daredevil to Wilson Fisk to keep his drug use going. Although things work out for Matt and Karen by the end of the story, their love wasn’t exactly meant to last – you can blame it. Kevin Smith‘s “Guardian Devil” for that. Honestly, the Marvel comics did Karen Page a disservice, which the Netflix series would eventually rectify.

Played by Deborah Ann Woll in the Netflix show, Karen Page goes from Nelson & Murdock receptionist to investigative reporter to sort of amateur lawyer herself by the show’s end, rounding out the character into someone much more interesting (and stable) than its comic book counterpart. There’s no denying we’d love to see this version of Karen again, and given how central she is to the “Born Again” story, we’re hoping to get some sort of follow-up for Woll’s version of the character.

How did the Kingpin come to power?

In the Hawk Eye series, Kingpin was revealed to be a ringleader of a New York criminal syndicate. Armed with a strip of Tracksuits behind him, he battled the Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Haylee Steinfeld) incarnations of the Avengers’ favorite archer. During this confrontation, Fisk actively threw our heroes across the room and picked them up like they were cardboard. This is a big departure from the more grounded version of daredeviland raises many questions about how this was even possible.

Of course, Kingpin’s rise to prominence in the MCU is something we’d love to see more of in Daredevil: Born Again, with a better understanding of how he went from being sent back to prison to leading various New York gangs and criminal enterprises. Of course, that’s entirely dependent on whether the Netflix series and the Disney+ series are related beyond a similar cast of characters. If the show isn’t connected, we’d love to know how Wilson Fisk made his fortune and why he’s so strong.

How did the Blip affect Hell’s Kitchen?

Something that hasn’t really been explored yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the lasting effects of the Blip as seen in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. As the Avengers and their allies battled the mad titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) for the fate of the universe, our initially lost heroes, which caused the deaths of countless people across the galaxy. Although the effects of the Blip were briefly mentioned in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Wanda Visionthe consequences have yet to be explored far beyond The Infinity Saga.

The loss of half the universe, only to be reunited with everyone five years later, has undoubtedly had an unsettling effect on Hell’s Kitchen, and possibly Matt Murdock’s personal life as well. Has Daredevil been blipped? Is it this void that allowed Kingpin to regain his power? Did Hell’s Kitchen fall into darkness during this time, or did people band together and rise above their circumstances? There are so many possibilities to explore!

What was Bullseye’s fate?

The third season of the popular Netflix series introduced a character named Benjamin “Dex” Pointdexter (Wilson Bethel), which was used by Fisk to frame Daredevil for murder, much like in the original “Born Again” storyline (however, which featured a fanatical super-soldier named Nuke as the fake Daredevil). Based on one of Man Without Fear’s archnemes, Bullseye, Dex has shown he could eventually become Marvel’s infamous assassin in potential future seasons of the Netflix show. Well, at least until it was canceled… Still, Dex was a highlight of the show’s third season, even if his fate was unresolved.

With a Love at first sight movie in development now, it seems likely that Bullseye will eventually make an official appearance in the MCU since he’s traditionally been part of Marvel’s Suicide Squad scam. Although he didn’t appear in the original “Born Again” comic, there’s no reason the character couldn’t make his debut here, especially since he’s a fan favorite. We’ve also never seen a fully true-to-comic-book version of the character in live action (although Colin Farrel wasn’t too bad), doing Daredevil: Born Again the perfect place to present one.

Will Matt’s struggle with faith continue?

A trademark of Daredevil is Matt Murdock’s Roman Catholic faith, which remains an integral part of his life even when he struggles to see God’s plan. Ultimately, attributing his condition to the will of God and his work as a Daredevil in God’s service, Matt is a man driven by a mix of personal and religious beliefs. A little like moon knightwhich delves deep into Egyptian mythology, the Netflix daredevil The show spent all of season three restoring Matt’s faith after he nearly lost his life.

With a title like Daredevil: Born Again, there are bound to be references to the Guardian Devil’s particular brand of Christianity, not to mention his struggle to balance his faith amid his career as a vigilante. Still, faith is part of why Matt Murdock is Daredevil, and it would be a gross injustice to tell a Daredevil story without reference to his religion and/or his true struggle to retain his trust in God due to his hellish circumstances.

How will ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ connect to other Netflix shows?

The biggest unanswered question everyone is asking about Daredevil: Born Again is whether or not the new Disney+ series is a continuation of Netflix daredevil series or its own thing entirely. If this is a continuation, it would mean that shows like Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cageand iron fistwithout forgetting the team-up series The defenderswould then all officially exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon rather than what happened with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Of course, there is no guarantee that born again will exist in the same continuity of the Netflix series, even with Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reprising their respective roles in the Disney+ series. But hopefully it’s the same Daredevil we’ve come to know and love for years before he appeared in No coming home. Regardless of, Daredevil: Born Again is one of the most anticipated projects on Marvel Studios’ portfolio, and the return of The Man Without Fear to our television screens will certainly be worth the wait!


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