The president of New Wake Forest embraces the challenges and the opportunities. “Think of me as someone who listens and learns. “| Education


I count on the community to be a great partner, and I look forward to meeting more of our leaders in all parts of the community.

The university that comes to the table with solutions and ideas, new opportunities, is going to be really exciting.

Question: Speaking of getting off campus, Wake Forest is creating a bigger presence in the Charlotte market. There is an alumni base there, the largest city in the state.

It makes perfect sense to be there with the law school, the business school and, in a few years, the medical school.

Where do you see that effort, where do you see Charlotte fitting in, in terms of the big picture of Wake Forest?

Reply: This is only part of how, in the region, connectivity is needed between cities and communities. We cannot see ourselves as just Winston-Salem on our own.

There are so many assets to exploit between the Winston-Salem corridor and Charlotte. We really have to think about this bigger whole.

The step of having medical school in Charlotte is a bold step forward and will provide opportunities not only for Charlotte, but also back and forth with Winston-Salem.

It is not a zero sum game. Both will benefit, in the same way that the new School of Professional Studies (based in Charlotte) will create opportunities not only in Charlotte, but in the greater region.


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