The saga of success continues at the SAI International School


Bhubaneswar: The SAI International School continues its legacy of excellence and setting a higher benchmark year on year in CBSE Class X Board results in 2021. Setting a new milestone this year, whose result was declared on Tuesday August 3, 2021, 100% of the students scored above 60%, 97% above 75%, 65.6% of the students scored above 90% and 27 , 6% bringing the school average to 91.1%.

A wave of jubilation swept through the school as students, teachers as well as SAI International President Dr Silpi Sahoo and SAI International School Senior Director Nilakantha Panigrahi celebrated success from the confines of their own home. Dr Sahoo praised the students and teachers for their hard work and sincerity and said that the strong bond between parents, teachers and students has led to this outstanding success. She also thanked the parents for their unwavering faith in the SAI International School.

SAI International School makes every effort to instill the 21st century of learning skills among students, thus giving a 360-degree advantage to education. It provides an immersive learning experience for each student in a friendly atmosphere, allowing them to align with a rapidly changing world.

The remarkable result of the 2021 Class Council Exam X reaffirms the school’s commitment to consistently creating successful students and justifies its goal of excellence in education.

Talk about his feat Amrutanshu Mohanty said happily, “I am delighted to see that I scored very well; I expected to score over 90%, but the results made me very happy and surprised that my score was 99.8%. I would like to thank my parents, all my teachers and the school for all the support that made learning and preparing for the Boards so successful. As students we worked hard enough and our teachers were always there to support us too, but during the pandemic when all classes were held online our learning and exam preparation was never affected. , instead, as students we got the best possible support at home and virtually. course to do our best. The school tried in every way to help us, and I really want to thank them for providing such a busy online learning environment. In the future, I would like to prepare myself to continue engineering in the future ”.

Krishna Tanutrishna said, “I was very happy to hear my results. I am very lucky to have been able to make my grandfather happy and proud, as well as my parents who gave us immense emotional and mental support, as well as teachers without whose conditional support this was not possible. The school tried in every way to help us, and really I want to thank them for keeping the faith and constantly supporting us as we needed it during our studies ”.

Yashika Panda said, “My results were a happy surprise. I am very grateful to my parents, teachers and the school for all the advice and support they have given us, even at strange times. We are indeed lucky enough to have been part of the school, because we knew which teacher to turn to, to discuss doubts in case a subject needed revisiting. I would like to take engineering for my future studies ”.

Shraddha Kendurkar said: I am very happy to have my results, it is a big surprise, I thank my teachers from the bottom of my heart for all their advice, without which this result would not have been possible. I also thank my parents, family and friends for their support who always trusted me and constantly encouraged me to do my best..

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