Udaipur’s message must be of unity and commitment for accelerated party revival: Sonia Gandhi


Congress President Sonia Gandhi said on Monday that the Chintan Shivir being held in Udaipur is expected to announce a restructured organization to meet the many ideological, electoral and managerial tasks facing the party.

“You may remember that at the end of our last meeting, I announced that we would soon be holding a Chintan Shivir. This is held in Udaipur on May 13, 14 and 15. About 400 of our colleagues will participate. The vast majority of them hold or have held one position or another in the organization or in the government of the Union. We have made every effort to ensure balanced representation – balance from all angles, she said in her opening remarks at the CWC meeting held in the nation’s capital.

“Our deliberations will be in six segments. These will address political, economic, social justice, farmers, youth and organizational issues. Delegates have already been informed which group they are expected to attend. In the afternoon of May 15, we will adopt the Udaipur Nav Sankalp after it is approved by the CWC there,” she added.

“I ask for your full cooperation to ensure that the single overriding message that comes out loud and clear from Udaipur is that of unity, cohesion, determination and commitment to the accelerated revival of our party.

There are no magic wands. It is only with selfless work, discipline and a consistent collective sense of purpose that we will demonstrate our tenacity and resilience. The party has been at the heart of the life of each of us. He expected our full allegiance and was kind to each of us. Now, when we are at a crucial moment, it is imperative that we move forward and fully repay our debt to the party,” Gandhi said.

“Self-criticism is of course necessary in our party forums. But it should not be done in a way that erodes self-confidence and morale and an atmosphere of sadness and unhappiness prevails. On the contrary, we are required to put our heads together and collectively overcome the challenges we face. This necessitates that the Chintan Shivir does not become a ritual, something that we just have to go through. I am determined that he should announce a restructured organization to meet the many ideological, electoral and managerial tasks we face,” the Congress President said.

“I had set up coordinating committees to define the general program for each of the six groups. These panels have met. I will now ask the organizers of these panels to inform us of the major topics that have been identified for discussion within each of the groups,” she said.

“We also have an amendment to our party constitution for your approval. It has to do with digital membership for which I would like to congratulate our young colleagues for their achievements so far,” she added.


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