West Point Church is holding baptisms again


PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – West Point Baptist Church continues its mission of ministry.

For the past two years, West Point has been unable to do in-person baptisms due to the pandemic.

That all changed when the church was finally able to hold its in-person ceremony again on Saturday and baptized 50 people.

And some said it’s not just in-person events that have been missed during the pandemic.

Jeremy Hyde, a member of the church for eight years, said he suffered a great loss in his personal life.

He said he was grateful the church was there in times of need.

“It all fell apart,” Hyde said. “The relationship didn’t work out, we lost a house.

“When I got home, I joined a small group with West Point, and found myself.”

Pastor Marcus Cathey founded West Point Church 23 years ago and said he was excited about the return of in-person baptisms.

He believes the impact produced is incredible.

“Baptism is simply an expression of an outward commitment to an inward change,” Cathey said. “Every day is a journey, one step at a time.”

Madison Sharble, a California native and student at Alcorn State University, agreed.

“Lately I’ve been going through trauma myself, and through that God has revealed himself more to me,” Sharble said. “When my aunt and cousin asked me if I wanted to be baptized, I said absolutely, I want to go.”

Renthony Wilson was also baptized on Sunday.

Wilson attends Xavier University in New Orleans and has been a member of West Point for 12 years. He said his faith helped him achieve his goals.

“I was placed on the state superintendent’s advisory committee this year,” Wilson said. “That was a blessing in itself, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without God.”

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