Who has received Manistee County Community Foundation grants


MANISTEE COUNTY – For more than 30 years, the Manistee County Community Foundation has been dedicated to improving the quality of life in the county by providing leadership to achieve community change, providing grants that meet local needs and creating a community endowment.

The foundation recently announced the recipients of 28 grants totaling more than $400,000 that will improve the lives of Manistee County residents as well as improve and expand recreational opportunities throughout the county.

“The foundation is proud to make these investments in our community, made possible through the generosity of our donors,” said Laura Heintzelman, president and CEO of the foundation, in a press release. “On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff, I express our deepest gratitude to the grant recipients and our contributors.

“We look forward to seeing the multitude of ways these projects will improve the lives of our residents and strengthen our community. »

Minger Family Endowment Fund

Eleven of the grants, totaling $344,418, were awarded through the Minger Family Endowment Fund, which was established in 2017 through the generosity of Forest R. Minger Jr., to improve and expand access to recreation and recreation opportunities in the county.

The 11 Minger scholarships include:

• $12,240 to the Armory Youth Project to repair and maintain its gymnasium floor;

• $18,900 to the Armory Youth Project for a building assessment project to outline short and long term maintenance and capital improvement plans for the facility;

• $4,000 to the Betsie Valley Community Center for the 2022 Recreational Series to provide family activities at Betsie Valley Elementary School;

• $97,478 to Manistee Area Public Schools for Phase 1 of the Community Recreation Improvement, Assessment, Feasibility and Partnership Project, which aims to increase community access to MAPS facilities for recreation;

• $25,000 to public schools in the Manistee area to upgrade sound systems at outdoor sports facilities in the district;

• $100,000 to Manistee Catholic Central School to renovate the gymnasium floor, bleachers and exit doors located at the west end of the gymnasium to support MCC and community use;

• $4,500 to the Manistee Recreation Association for the MRA’s Community Engagement, Strategic Plan and Implementation Project to obtain community input and develop a strategic plan for the association;

• $68,700 to the Township of Manistee for the construction of a historically themed, universally accessible playground in the day-use area of ​​Orchard Beach State Park;

• $3,600 to Onekama Consolidated Schools for upgrades to the Leaps and Bounds Early Childhood Education Program playground;

• $5,000 to the Pleasant Valley Community Center for the CPVC Strategic Plan Project to help the CPVC Board of Directors make key decisions over the next three years or more; and

• $5,000 to the Spirit of the Woods Conservation Club for summer field camps to provide more opportunities to introduce young people in Manistee County to nature.

Unlimited funds

Additionally, 11 grants totaling $57,250 were funded from the foundation’s Unlimited Fund and a number of other foundation funds.

The Unlimited Fund was created in 2016 under the direction of an anonymous donor who wanted to give the foundation the flexibility to respond to a wider range of community needs and opportunities. The Unlimited Fund provides strategic support to meet the evolving needs of Manistee County.

These other grants include:

• $5,000 to the Manistee County Arts and Culture Alliance for the 2022 Children’s Theater Workshop, which allows Manistee County children in grades two through eight to learn all things goes on to direct a theatrical production, supported by the Doug Schlaff Youth Fund;

• $1,750 to Kaleva Norman Dickson Schools for the Brethren High School National Honor Society Blessings in a Backpack program, which provides food for children at KND Elementary School, supported by the Healthy Youth Fund for Seniors ;

• $3,500 to public schools in the Manistee area for the MAPS Summer Youth Theater Camp, to provide area students with the opportunity to explore all areas of theater, supported by the Geoffrey Roland Paine Family Charitable Fund ;

• $10,000 to the Manistee County Council on Aging for TDA Council Project Engagement, to provide support and training to council staff and board members regarding affordable housing development, supported by the Unlimited Fund;

• $2,500 to Manistee County Habitat for Humanity for a Universal Temporary Ramp Project to provide a flexible, reusable solution for Manistee County residents to stay in their homes, supported by the Community Response Fund;

• $1,000 to the Manistee Friendship Society for the Mental Health First Aid Training Project, to help community partners recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health or addictions issues, supported by the Community Response Fund;

• $10,000 to Onekama Consolidated Schools for the Leaps and Bounds early childhood education program to help hire and train staff, supported by the Unlimited Fund;

• $5,000 IN POWER! Book bags to distribute books and literacy bags to children and families in Manistee County, supported by the Unlimited Fund and the Women’s Empowerment Giving Circle Fund;

• $2,500 IN POWER! Book Bags to provide literacy books and bags to children and families in Manistee County through the District Health Department #10 Maternal and Child Health Program, supported by the Doug Schlaff Youth Fund;

• $10,000 to the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts to add a new lighting control system and LED fixtures and improve the quality of performing arts and education programming, supported by the Unlimited Fund ; and

• $6,000 to West Shore Community College for the College for Kids program, which allows local youth ages 9-15 to explore a variety of careers through on-campus WSCC courses, supported by the Unlimited Fund and the Geoffrey Roland Paine Family Charitable Fund.

Emerging needs

The foundation’s board also proactively awarded three grants totaling $5,250 to address emerging needs.

These grants include:

• $2,750 to Manistee County Habitat for Humanity for the Wennogene Lake Housing Project to develop a concept site plan for workforce housing, supported by the Unlimited Fund;

• $1,500 to the Manistee County Community Foundation to support the launch process of the Manistee Network’s Rural Child Care Innovation Program, designed to identify tailored solutions to increase child care provision affordable, high-quality children in Manistee County, supported by the Quality of Life Fund; and

• $1,000 to the Manistee County Community Foundation to support the Manistee County Housing Action Team, a newly formed group of community partners dedicated to finding community housing solutions, and the Housing Summit, supported by the Qualify of Life Fund and the Homelessness Prevention Fund.

Youth Advisory Council

The Manistee County Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council has recommended three grants totaling $2,000 in response to their request for proposals in support of projects that address youth mental health, the priority need identified by the council. .

The Youth Advisory Council is comprised of high school students from each of Manistee County’s six school districts who serve as the foundation’s local expert panel on the needs and issues facing youth in the area, and is the advisory body of the Foundation’s Youth Endowment Fund.

• $750 to Onekama Consolidated Schools for the Whole Child Initiative Project, to provide students with learning opportunities and experiences that meet their social and emotional learning needs;

• $250 to Staircase Youth Services for the Teen Mental Health Days project to support teens in crisis with positive interaction; and

• $1,000 to the Wexford-Missaukee-Manistee Great Start Collaborative for the Mindfulness Mondays Project, to encourage Manistee County to begin laying the foundation for their child’s mental health by introducing mindfulness into their daily routines.

The application deadline for the foundation’s fall grant cycle is October 15, and grant awards are expected to be announced by the end of December. Applications for grants of $5,000 or less for consideration under the Minger Family Endowment Fund may be
submitted at any time, with funding decisions made within 45 days.

Additional information about the foundation’s grant programs, including eligibility criteria, grant guidelines, and a grant application form is available online at manisteefoundation.org/receive.

Interested applicants are also encouraged to contact foundation staff at 231-723-7269 or [email protected] to discuss their proposal.

Anyone interested in making a charitable contribution to the foundation to help further expand its community impact can contact foundation staff at 231-723-7269 or [email protected], or donate through the foundation’s website. manisteefoundation.org.


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