Winooski students show appreciation for veterans


WINOOSKI, Vt. (WCAX) – Many schools and communities in our area are finding ways to honor our servicemen on Thursday for Veterans Day, including a school in Winooski.

“To me that means I can honor them even if they are deceased,” said Benjamin Unrein, a fifth-grade student at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School, which takes a closer look at Veterans Day this year. . “I think we are all looking forward to it, I can read, I can do it first, and I can sing.”

Unrein plays a special role. He reads “In Flanders Fields”, a poem written during the First World War.

“Well, this is actually the first year that we really turned it into a big party, an event, said Robin McCormick, vice-principal of the school.

Take a walk down the hall and you can see the fruits of their lessons, banners ready, art on the walls, and posters waiting to be placed in front of the school. McCormick says it’s the idea of ​​principal, Craig Hill. And while the projects are fun, the students also learn about veterans.

“It’s service and it’s sacrifice and it’s love. This love comes from a place of giving of oneself for others and it is really a foundation of this school. So there are many ways to serve others and one of those ways is through the military, ”McCormick said.

Veterans, families and friends will join students at school on Thursday to honor those who fought for our country. They will hear student songs and see what they have learned. The students even have a special guest speaker, a member of the Vermont National Guard.

“Talk about service and what the military do and what military families sacrifice when loved ones are deployed. Plus, our students studied Veterans Day, ”said McCormick.

So while what the students learn will follow them, it is also an opportunity to say thank you and send a message.

“It’s recognizing not only what these people have done in the past and what they continue to do. Many of our students have families who serve or are currently deployed that family members here are sacrificing time that they do not have with their loved ones and they know they are doing it for their country and their community. So we want to honor those sacrifices and that love and make the students understand that this is happening in our community, ”said McCormick.

“Never give up, never give up, even if it seems like all hope is lost, never give up,” Unrein’s recitation said.

The event takes place at 8:30 a.m. at the school and is open to the community. The road will be blocked in front of the school during the event for safety reasons.

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