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By Mike Watkins / Special for Creighton Preparatory School

When a new student sets foot on campus for the first day of classes at Creighton Preparatory School, they begin by learning their mission for the next four years of their life.

This mission is to discover and cultivate the fullness of their God-given abilities, so when they set out for the next phase of their lives, they are both educationally and spiritually prepared.

“We tell our students that they are responsible for becoming men for others, and that when they leave here they should have begun to decide how they are going to offer their gifts and talents in generous service to the world” , said the father. Matt Spotts, SJ, president of Creighton Prep.

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“For us who are blessed as educators, our mission shapes why we do what we do,” Spotts said. “We believe that every student who walks through our door is a unique and irreplaceable gift from God. The most vital work we can do is to honor that gift through the way we welcome, cherish, support and nurture the young men who are entrusted to us.


While there’s no denying that Creighton Prep provides a comprehensive education for the mind and soul, some families may feel that a private Catholic school must be too expensive and they can’t afford to send their child there. sons or their sons.

But thanks to the school’s income-based tuition model, a private education is entirely possible and more accessible than ever.


Spotts said the model takes into account both family income and affordability to determine a guaranteed maximum annual amount for tuition. It was clear to the administration that many families were unaware that tuition adjustments could be made.

“There are parents who might never consider preparing for their son’s education because they don’t realize their real tuition,” he said. “Families of all income levels should know that they will never pay more than the tuition amount listed for their income bracket.”

Creighton Prep is also continuing its bus service – providing transportation to school and offering 12 bus stops across Omaha.

A good education starts with good teachers, and Spotts said Creighton Prep teachers are passionate, professional and mission-driven.

The school has fantastic facilities – the newest addition being the Lannon Learning Commons – which houses study and recreation areas for students and also creates a highly accessible and collaborative space for student support services.



By the time prep students are juniors and seniors, many are doing college-level work. Prep offers approximately 25 AP classes and 25 dual-enrollment classes, allowing students a more personalized course progression throughout their four years.

“Families rightly want to know if a college-preparatory education is a good investment; I think we can point to many reasons why this is the case, Spotts said. “Ninety-seven percent of our students attend a four-year college after graduating. In last year’s class (2021), 25% gained a full ride to college, representing a massive return on investment in a preparatory education. »

“Eighty percent of students receive at least one scholarship,” Spotts added. “However, what happens when our students get there is just as important as getting into college. Our students return from college and regularly report that they were set not only to succeed, but to thrive.

Prep students also engage in a rich training program for the whole person. Students take several spiritual retreats during their four years. The vast majority of Prep students engage in service, which cultivates a lifelong habit of using their gifts and talents to serve others and the world.

In the process, they form lasting and authentic friendships that can only be formed by sharing transformative experiences with others.



“Our parents are often surprised by the extent to which the Prep community becomes their community,” Spotts said. “Some of that just happens when parents are drawn into the community and find ways to get involved, but we also regularly offer spiritual programs for our families so they can experience some of what their sons are getting. also.

While a majority of students are Catholic, CP welcomes students from all religious traditions. A significant number of students come from non-Catholic families. All students will study theology for their four years, but they will also be asked to reflect deeply on how their encounter with God shapes their deepest values ​​and how they hope to live their lives.

“We ask of our non-Catholic students the same thing we ask of our Catholic students: to reflect deeply on questions of the meaning and purpose of human life; take their own faith and spirituality as a matter of utmost importance; and reflect on how their faith will impact their lives,” Spotts said.

Senior Raul Contreras-Garrido says he will miss the brotherhood he has grown and developed over the past four years as it has helped him grow into the confident person he is today.

“Everyone at Creighton Prep treated me with respect and kindness from day one,” Contreras-Garrido said. “I was really shy in first year and I went from not knowing anyone. Thanks to the brotherhood – the community – that I experienced, I quickly found my place.

“People welcome you and are always there to support you even when things get tough,” Contreras-Garrido added. “I made some really good friends. We’ve always been there for each other, and I think we’ll be there for each other after we’re gone.

For more information about Creighton Prep, visit www.creightonprep.org/learnmore.


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