Women’s Soccer Super Team and Fall 2021 Stars



Sophie Caldwell, Bishop Stang, junior

Jumped out of lanes and did a great job making some quality tackles as a center-back for the Spartans. Won the honors of the Eastern Mass and the Catholic Central League. Helped put the team’s offense in motion with his strong leg. “Sophie did a great job sending the ball to her teammates,” Bishop Stang coach Bob Shields said. “She helped us with her distribution skills and was able to go forward, get involved on offense and come back on defense. She was still in the right position and made a lot of big plays.”

Sophie gioiosa

Sophia Gioiosa, Dartmouth, junior

Scored six goals and collected 10 assists for Dartmouth as a talented and talented midfielder. Won first team honors from Eastern States and Southeastern Conference. “Sophia played with an incredible feeling for the game,” said Dartmouth coach Scot Boudria. “She improved everyone around her and she was tough with the ball. She sees the pitch extremely well and she played with a lot of balance, energy and confidence.”

Morgan hayward

Morgan Hayward, Apponequet, Second year

Scored 12 goals and had two assists for the Lakers on their way to winning South Coast Conference All-Star honors. Played as a midfielder in the team’s first four games before moving forward. “We needed more speed up front and Morgan did a good attacking role,” said Apponequet coach Robin Ireland. “She was good in one-on-one situations with the ball and she used her skills to put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses.”

Hannah lafrance

Hannah Lafrance, Bishop Stang, Senior

Anchored the right side of the field in defense as a super stable full-back. Turned out to be a tough player who never came off the pitch. “Hannah was an influential player for us on both sides of the ball.” Bishop Stang coach Bob Shields said. “She jumped off the lanes, stepped forward and did a great job serving balls into the box. She did a lot of runs on the court and was a great box-to-box player. She played with many. tremendous skills on the ball and was an all-in-one playmaker and defender. “

Abigail Menendez

Abigail Menendez, Apponequet, Junior

Has proven to be a defensive anchor for the Lakers at center-back. Scored his only goal in a win over Seekonk and was named a South Coast Conference Star. “Abby was a phenomenal tackler and striker,” said Robin Ireland, Apponequet coach. “She was difficult to pass in individual situations and she gave us a solid presence in the middle. She played a key role in a defense that has only allowed 12 goals all season and we are happy that she is in. return next season. “

Taylor oliveira

Taylor Oliveira, Bishop Stang, junior

Played a key role as an attacking midfielder for the Spartans with 12 goals and 16 assists. Won second team honors from Eastern States and Catholic Central League. “Taylor has done a great job passing the ball this season,” said Bishop Stang coach Bob Shields. “She created a lot of scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. She has scored in the big moments and has rarely been off the pitch. She sees the pitch well and has a good understanding of the game.”

Liza Pinette

Liza Pinette, Fairhaven, Senior

Has proven to be a benchmark offensive player for the Blue Devils with 19 goals and nine assists. Won all-star honors from the South Coast Conference. “Liza played with great speed and she scored everywhere on the pitch,” said Fairhaven coach Allie Lima. “She has good ball skills, she was difficult to drop the ball and she has a good football IQ. She put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses with her ability to shoot the ball with precision. Her versatility was too. a strength.”

Sylvie Devin

Devin Sylvia, Apponequet, Senior

Scored 14 goals and notched 17 assists for the Lakers on the verge of being named almost unanimously the South Coast Conference’s MVP. Continued her football career at Ithaca College, a Division III school in upstate New York. “Devin had the strongest shot in the conference and she was dangerous anywhere on the pitch,” said Apponequet coach Robin Ireland. “She played with tremendous skill and was a solid team manager. She was strong with the ball at her feet and had enough speed to pass defenders and attack the net.”

Cameran weaver

Cameran Weaver, Old Rochester, Senior

Was the heart and soul of the Bulldogs defense at center-back. Started every game in his last two seasons and won South Coast Conference All-Star honors. “Cameran only came off the field if a game had already been decided,” Old Rochester coach Jeff Lombard said. “She played with exceptional vision, a great feeling for the game, the touch and the speed.”

Jennifer Williams, Old Rochester, Senior

Jen williams

Helped fuel the Bulldogs offense with 16 goals and five assists. “Jen has exceptional speed and a great touch on the ball,” said Old Rochester coach Jeff Lombard. “She was dangerous with the ball and was able to complete her scoring chances.”

Maddie wright

Maddie Wright, Old Rochester, senior

Followed by a strong Fall 2 season with 21 goals and 11 assists en route to winning the Eastern States and South Coast Conference first team honors. Finished with 51 career goals and 16 assists in three years at college after missing his first year with a knee injury. “Maddie was an electric forward with a lot of strength and speed,” said Old Rochester coach Jeff Lombard. “She put a lot of pressure on the opposing defenses with her ball skills, her ability around the net and her intensity.”


Kaitlyn Duarte, GNB Voc-Tech, Senior

Has proven to be a versatile player for the Bears as a center and full back midfielder. Won all-star honors from the South Coast Conference. Used his speed to score two goals and played with great mental toughness as a team manager.

Mia Hall, Old Rochester, Senior

Scored eight goals and added two assists for the Bulldogs. Was part of a talented frontline that worked well together and put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses. She came back strong after missing parts of her sophomore season and Fall 2 with injuries.

Gracie Maloney, GNB Voc-Tech, Senior

Controlled the tempo of the Bears as a talented central midfielder. Scored four goals and notched six assists en route to winning South Coast Conference All-Star honors. Took all of the team’s free kicks and penalties.

Destin Misay, New Bedford, Senior

A three-year starter for the Whalers, Misay won second-team honors from the Eastern Massachusetts States and the Southeastern Conference. Played a key role in defense as an active center-back. Read games well and make a lot of big plays in the middle of the field. Has proven to be a good one-on-one defender and vocal team leader.

Ava Oliveira, Dartmouth, Second year

Helped fuel the offense with 11 goals and four assists. Used his speed to his advantage to put pressure on opposing defenses. Played with a lot of energy and was one of the most aggressive players in the area.

Averi Oliveira, former colony, junior

Scored four goals and collected 19 assists for the Cougars as a qualified center-center midfielder. Controlled the pace of play and helped put the offense in motion with passing and distributing the ball. Won a lot of 50-50 balls in midfield and worked well with teammates.

Meg Pimental, Bishop Stang, freshman

Noted 10 wins and recorded four shutouts for the Spartans as the only rookie goaltender in the competitive Central Catholic League. Allowed less than two goals per game and did a good job keeping pace with the game. Stepped in to take a key position in a very competitive conference. Made good decisions and took command from the last row as a vocal team leader.

Maria Psichipaidas, Old Rochester, Senior

A player for three years for the Bulldogs, she shone in defense with her strength and speed. Turned out to be a good one-on-one defender who made good decisions and did a good job clearing the ball out of trouble. Fearless and tough, she wasn’t beaten very often.

Hannah Sullivan, Dartmouth, Senior

Controlled Dartmouth’s defense as a physical and courageous full-back, won South Eastern Conference All-Star honors. Missed part of the season with injury and his presence in the roster has made a big difference to the team. Worked extremely hard and played angles well.

Melanie Weed, former colony, senior

A four-year incumbent for the Cougars, Weed scored nine goals and added 10 assists to win the Mayflower Athletic Conference All-Star honors. Finished as the team’s top scorer in the past two seasons. Scrappy and tough, she also helped the team as a midfielder. Has been a team leader on and off the field.

Mack Wilson, Old Rochester. Senior

She came back for her fourth place finish as the Bulldogs’ only returning central midfielder and did a great job taking young players under her wing for a quick rebuild. Scored one goal and had six assists. Performed with a lot of energy and intensity. Helped secure the midfield and played a key role on both sides of the ball.


Reagan Flynn, Apponequet, second year; Morgan Pendergrace, Apponequet, Junior; Izzie Bromage, Bishop Stang, freshman; Bridget Markey, Bishop Stang, junior; Alexia Almeida, Dartmouth, elder; Aileen Boyle, Dartmouth, senior; Gabby Santos, Dartmouth, senior; Kate Smith, Dartmouth, elder; Tenley Dakin, Fairhaven, junior; Malene Mattos, Fairhaven, freshman; Kendra Santiago, GNB Voc-Tech, freshman; Caitlyn Cordeiro, New Bedford, first year; Tari Pereira, New Bedford, senior; Brooke Jason, former colony, junior; Ava Teixeira, former colony, second year; Tess Adams, Old Rochester, freshman; Delaney Chase, Old Rochester, Bella Hunt, Old Rochester, Senior; Emma Welter, Old Rochester, junior; First-year student; Laura Pinkston, Wareham, senior.


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