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May 13, 2022

This spring, Brother Martin High School sponsored its second annual Joy of Resurrection Essay Contest, open to boys and girls of the Archdiocese of New Orleans in grades 5-7, asking young people the following questions writers: “The death and resurrection of Jesus transformed his disciples and renewed their commitment to sharing the message of the Gospel. How are we today, in 2022, called to be disciples? How can we spread the Good News of Jesus in our homes, schools and communities?

Kids’ Clarion will announce the six winners – one boy and one girl from each of three eligible grade levels – over the next few days. (Please note that some essays have been edited for style and length)

Winner of the 5th year (women’s division)
Gracelyn Haydel, Saint Catherine of Siena School

Many define discipleship as spreading the teaching of another. As a Catholic, becoming a disciple means more than just “spreading teachings”; this includes sharing the Good News, but also living like Jesus. Catholics are called to live one life, to love one another unconditionally while following the New Commandments.

Moreover, Catholics are called to build a community based on the values ​​that Christ put in place on earth. Therefore, we must spread the Good News not only in our words but also in our actions. Our current world is filled with darkness, causing us to question our faith. Now, more than ever, we must come together to love each other as God loves us. We need to share the story of Jesus, including his miracles, his difficult journey to the cross, and most importantly, his sacrifice. By sharing this story, how can you not wish to be more compassionate and loving?

Listening to the suffering Jesus encountered and how he spent his last breath forgiving makes me a stronger Catholic and a believer in forgiveness and mercy. My heart is saddened when I remember the Stations of the Cross. However, my heart leaps with joy knowing that redemption can be given to those who follow his path.

When I reflect on the teachings of Jesus, I want to share his compassion with others. If we can be compassionate with one another, especially with those who have turned away from God, perhaps others will follow. Perhaps then we will begin to see more light within our community.

A kind smile, joining hands in prayer, helping others when they are depressed, and praying for those who are most difficult to pray for are small steps we can take to share our discipleship. Amen.


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